The Ogik Team

Our people

  • JFS


    JFS enjoys diving deeply into a great book, socializing, learning, and above all, creating art. In her free time, JFS can be seen listening to her eclectic music collection while thinking about how to help the world. JFS is an empathetic English Language /Arabic Trainer. She’s empathetically Language Trained and overseen over a thousand participants.
  • EL


    EL loves to travel especially free and easy way to explore the new place, exciting cultures and enriching life styles of the local people. Yoga exercise and brisk walking are her ways to de-stress and to calm her mind. She enjoys but cooking is a whole new story. EL is a Leadership and Motivation, Intercultural and Customer Service Trainer. EL also trains in Mandarin.
  • ND


    NDs favorite pastime activity is reading and drinking coffee. If you don't see her reading something on her Kindle Fire or holding a book in her hand, you can spot her sipping away Piccolo Lattes at a cozy cafe. She takes off on a quick vacation as soon as work permits, since her third love is traveling. She also dreams of getting a new tattoo sometime soon. ND is an English Language/Communications Trainer.
  • KK


    KK is a home bug and likes nothing better than to lounge around her home. She enjoys deep, meaningful conversations. Music, dancing and reading would be her all-time favorite pastime, and she can be found on occasion to be dancing around her handbag. KK has mentored other top Trainers and also trains Soft skills/English Language skills/Communication skills and Ogik’s highly rated F n B Training programs.
  • RN


    RN enjoys building – teams, initiatives and businesses – and enjoys leading, coaching and advising leaders and their teams to achieve outcomes. While he works to achieve success, he is a firm believer that ‘non-successes’ are a key part of life, and a great way to lean, notwithstanding the inevitable loss of hair that comes with such learnings.
  • JN


    JN enjoys time out in nature, make new friends and sharing ideas. Jamal comes from a simple middle class Middle Eastern family that was lucky enough to travel around the world. Jamal loves Thai food and he is a coffee addict, he appreciates a good cup of coffee with skim milk and hint of cinnamon. JN trains Intercultural/Motivation/Leadership. Jamal also trains in Arabic.

  • SC


    SC is an art addict and likes to immerse herself in creating abstract art. Being a trained singer in Indian Classical music, she can be seen participating in cultural gatherings in town. SC believes in empowerment through education and likes to teach English to children and women who have no access to regular education. Apart from training for sales teams across verticals, SC is also an English Language and communications specialist. Her strengths lie in designing and delivering training programs to suit specific client needs.

India Team

  • k3


    K3 enjoys working with teams, motivating them, thinks innovative, ahead of all in predicting the future of an issue which he would plan to take up. He has been good in talking to people as well listening to them most of the time to support them better. He is a photographer by passion and designer in thinking. He finds the success and happiness in his eyes when his ideas come out in a fruitful manner. Training is his energy, talking to people is his breathing and listening to others with patience is his asset.
  • sm


    SM is an avid nature lover and loves to be outdoor as much as possible. He loves to be with people, and his work gives him ample opportunities for that. He also practises Tae-kwon-do, and Tai-Chi and trains in Tai Chi too. He is passionate about training and coaching people, and his specialised areas are Natural Wellness, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Stress Management, Mindfulness and Tai-Chi.

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