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About Ogik

The centre of excellence for learning and continuous development.

  • Company Background

    Company Background

    OGIK, a full-fledged training organization offering the highest standards in Professional Development, specializes in programs that are widely popular among undergraduates / newly graduated / seasoned professionals and striving corporations who aspire to improve their proficiency levels and overall corporate communication standards in the most effective way. Our qualified and forward thinking instructors and facilitators, who have over 15 years of experience, make learning and development not only enjoyable but also relevant to real life expectations.
  • Ogik Team

    Ogik Team

    Our team of warm, dedicated and helpful trainers will work with you every step of the way. This provides an environment that is professional but also personal, as it is created around the client rather than for the client.
  • Your Goals

    Your Goals

    OGIK aims to establish a center of excellence for learning and continuous development. OGIK sees a vital need to make human development relevant to today’s society. Whether your objectives are to advance your career, target specific corporate L&D goals or simply to be able to create rapport, OGIK will help you realize your goals.
  • Experience & Resources

    Experience & Resources

    OGIK Trainers and Facilitators have serviced clients from all over the world and MNC’s within the ASEAN region. With over 15 years of experience within the industry, OGIK Trainers boast a track record that is not only unique but trail blazing. OGIK strives to ensure that our clients not only reach their targets but go beyond so that results resonate. In support of our track record, OGIK employs a group of individuals who are highly skilled and certified with diverse backgrounds to ensure maximum exposure for our clients.

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